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Caroil Training Services was created in 2020 with a simple objective to support any professional seeking for personal development to increase its knowledge in  Well Control, Drilling Operations and Safety.

With the most modern training centers in Africa and two State-of-The-Art Drilling Simulators - Endeavor X5, Caroil created a unique platform where our students can be fully engaged in drilling and well control simulations, testing their ability to work as a team and to problem-solve multiple scenarios in a realistic and safe environment.

Endeavor X5

With our Simulators, we a able to provide not only the necessary accreditations to the workforce responsible with any Well Control and Drilling activity but also to implement Industry recognized DWOS,or Drilling Wells On Simulator,which provide us the opportunity to simulate any well conditions based on customer specific drilling programs and anticipate any potential well control and drilling issues that might be expected.


With decades of Drilling & Well Control field experience, our Accredited Instructors have developed and implemented innovative learning methods and solutions that not only delivers high technical content to our students, but also takes in consideration the human factor involved in such operations.

Through our programs and learning methodologies we support our students to obtain maximum retention rates for IWCF and IADC certification courses.

Caroil Training Services offers IWCF and IADC Accredited courses with focus on improving skills, competency and defining good personnel behaviors by promoting technical knowledge, training, assessments and certification programs to prevent any occurrence of a major incident.

"Caroil Training Services was created to fulfill an increasing demand for high quality and technical training in the Industry. Our main objective is to provide the best training solutions to help O&G Professionals and Corporations to achieve their goals"

Steve Lamet

“With the transition in the industry involving personnel, its imperative our knowledge transfer and training techniques to accommodate this change. By utilizing the latest in Training Technology along with highly experienced instructors, Caroil Training Services assembled top caliber programs to support the increasing demand of Corporations and O&G Professionals”

Derek Vioen
Training Services Manager

training courses

IWCF Well Control - Level 4
IWCF Well Control - Level 3
IWCF Well Control - Level 2
IWCF Well Control - Preparation Course
IADC - Drilling Fluids Fundamentals
IADC - Directional Drilling Fundamentals
IADC - Stuck Pipe Prevention
IADC - Rescue at Heights
IADC - Authorized Gas Tester
IADC - Working at Heights
IADC - Confined Space Entry And REscue


Located in Gabon on a modern office building, Caroil Training Services set up a State-Of-The-Art training facility with two brand new Well Control & Drilling Simulators, two modern Classrooms, one Conference Room, Modern IT Equipment, a comfortable Coffee and Lunch Area and a dedicated customer service staff to support our students and corporations.

Our unique set-up with the Well Control & Drilling Simulators and Smartboard interacting with each individual computer stations allows us to provide a better learning experience to our students by exposing them to the lastest Well Control & Drilling technology in the market.

Caroil Training Center Main Features:
- State-Of-The-Art Facility
- IWCF Accredited Training Room
- Individual Computer Stations For Each Student
- Epson Interactive Smartboards
- Modern Conference Room
- Wifi Access

Caroil Training Services

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Port-Gentil, Gabon
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