In Caroil we believe we can be incident free in all our operations.

Our main goal is to ensure that nobody gets hurt while performing their job as each one of us is personally committed and accountable to our own safety and the safety of our colleagues.


Caroil’s management makes special efforts to ensure a sustainable implementation of our policies and regards it as a corporate value in keeping with local laws, cultural demands, Caroil’s internal rules, as well as industry standards and practices.

Our leadership makes sure we have the right people, right equipment and right systems in place when performing our operations to ensure that our workforce and collaborators go home uninjured at the end of the day and no harm is caused to the environment and the communities where we operate.

Safety is the most important value that is shared among our entire workforce, and at Caroil we take a serious approach to identify, manage and prevent all the hazards involved in our daily operations by constantly developing and implementing several measuring controls to identify opportunities for improvement and to make sure we work to achieve our main goal to have zero incidents across our operations.

In Caroil we make safety simple.

Everyone has the authority to stop any unsafe operations without any consequences. We go by Stop First And Analyze After.

Caroil conducts its operations in accordance with all international regulations, standards, conventions, national laws and internal policies, safeguarding the health and safety of our workers and collaborators.

We have a comprehensive HSE Management System, EHS Insight, that meets the industry requirements and is certified to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

our State-Of-The-Art Well Control and Drilling Simulator Endeavor X5

With the main goal of improving our safety systems and standards we are constantly challenging ourselves and staying current with the latest Industry pratices and advancements by participating and being active members in several international recognized organizations such as International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) International Well Control Forum (IWFC) and Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS).

We believe that every single action counts to prevent an incident.

Endeavor X5

With our State-Of-The-Art Well Control and Drilling Simulator Endeavor X5 and our association with Certified Training Facilities, we have been able to provide not only the necessary accreditations to our workforce responsible with any well control activity but also to implement the Industry recognized DWOS, or Drilling Wells On Simulator, which provide us the opportunity to simulate the expected well conditions based on our customers specific drilling programs and anticipate any potential well control and drilling issue that might be expected.