Our services / Operations

Services offered by Caroil

  • Drilling rig leasing or workover under contract (Fleet of 6 onshore rigs).
  • Management and oversight of onshore and offshore drilling rigs.
  • Comprehensive rig mobilisation and demobilisation services.
  • Drilling services associated with oil, gas or mining projects.
  • Project management on a turnkey or day-rate basis, including all integrated services.
  • Treatment of fluids and solids generated by an onshore rig.
  • Leasing of drilling equipment.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Improvement, modification and construction of rigs.

Skills and expertise

  • High pressure / High temperature environment: Mafia
  • Horizontal wells: Colombia, Uganda and Gabon
  • Water-based mud / Oil-based mud / HT polymer mud (220 °C)
  • Fast moving / Skidding for clustered wells
  • Mining drilling (Potassium in the Congo)
  • Fracking, acidification, gravel pack, etc.

Records set

  • Named best drilling contractor by BP Colombia in 2008
  • Record for the deepest well in Tanzania: 5,632 m on Mafia Island.
  • HT environment (220 °C)

List of drilling rigs

Rig Name Type Power Top drive Country
CAROIL 2 Mech 1 200 cv 275 T United Arab Emirates
CAROIL 3 Mech 1 200 cv 275 T Gabon
CAROIL 5 Elec 1 500 cv 500 T Congo
CAROIL 7 Elec 1 500 cv 500 T Gabon
CAROIL 16 Elec 1 500 cv 500 T Gabon
CAROIL 17 Mech 850 cv 500 T Gabon
Rig 112 (Mgt) Mech 850 cv 275 T Gabon

Worldwide sites

Congo: 1st site in Africa, Caroil has been operating there since 2002. Today, one rig is in operation for ENI.
Gabon: Present since 2004, Caroil has five working rigs and one rig under management.
Kenya / Uganda: After a drilling campaign in 2013 for Total, Caroil does not have any operations currently in progress (1 rig on standby).
Colombia: Has drilled in Colombia for Maurel&Prom, BP and Petroninerales.
Cameroon: Has drilled in Cameroon for Perenco.
RDC: Has drilled in Democratic Republic of the Congo for SOCO International.
Tanzania: Present since 2006, Caroil currently has one rig on standby.

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